Dr. Oz recommends Orange Lens Glasses For Sleep

Doctor Oz recommends Orange Lens Glasses -Blue Light Blocking Glasses to help you sleep better and awake with more energy in the morning.  Better sleep is the number one way to wake up with more energy.

These glasses they block the bright blue light in our electronic devices that blocks the creation of melatonin.

Wear the glasses for the two hours before you go to bed to sleep better.

GAMMA RAY GR001-C1 Computer Glasses in Ergonomic Memory Flex Frame with UV Protection, Anti Blue Rays, Anti Glare and Scratch Resistant Lens in 53-17-140 Size (Obsidian Black)




Dr. Oz also recommended for increased energy:

Oat Straw Extract 2 times a day – 2 teaspoons including first thing in the morning.



Rhodiola take it mid morning to give yourself an natural energy boost:

100 mg or can increase to 200 mg


The Importance of Melatonin